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Categories Freasher, IT Professional, Manager
Job Information

The Candidate shall provide comprehensive cyber focused training support for USCYBERCOM to plan, manage, conduct and integrate the cyber training program. The Candidate shall assist in the analysis of training requirements in order to ensure that both individual members and cyber teams are adequately trained and prepared to maintain the requisite level of readiness standards as set forth by USCYBERCOM and/or the Services.

The Candidate shall assist in the analysis of the training curriculum, performance objectives, training plans, certification standards, exercise objectives and evaluation standards. As part of the analysis, The Candidate shall project future performance objectives and assist with the development of training materials to support Joint Cyber Training objectives in order to ensure Cyber teams possess the necessary skills required to accomplish their missions.

The Candidate shall assist with continuous performance improvement and standardization efforts based on future capabilities needs, alternate approaches, flexible applications, and  adversary modifications. The Candidate shall assist in maintaining training databases to ensure accuracy and timeliness of records. The Candidate shall assist in the training waiver process through facilitation of the process and coordination with individuals for completeness of documentation. The Candidate shall assist with maintaining training schedules, enrollments, and associated travel plans. The Candidate may be required to assist with and conduct cyber training across to support the cyber training program.

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