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Categories Freasher, IT Professional
Job Information

The Candidate shall have a technical understanding of cyberspace concepts and the DoD information environment to provide input to address areas of concern for the planning,  development, and implementation of capabilities to secure, operate, and defend the DODIN.

The Candidate shall provide cybersecurity input in the strategic, operational, and tactical planning, coordination, and synchronization of OCO, DCO, and DODIN operations. The Candidate shall analyze cyberspace vulnerabilities, threats, and incidents that affect the DODIN and provide mitigation/remediation strategies to reduce risk. The Candidate shall provide assistance and input to the maneuver, fires, and effects planning process through the application of capabilities in and through the cyberspace domain. The Candidate shall support the creation, dissemination, and tracking of orders and directives to provide guidance to the DoD community.

The Candidate shall validate compliance of USCYBERCOM orders/directives and facilitate  DoD standards/protocols compliance though the inspection process. The Candidate shall conduct forensic analysis of compromised information systems and collaborate adversarial activities with the DoD community and partners.

The Candidate shall develop training materials and provide training for USCYBERCOM Cybersecurity Workforce Improvement Program (WIP) to ensure an informed, alert, and security conscious workforce in accordance with the DoD 8570. The Candidate shall review and provide recommendations to appropriate USCYBERCOM personnel for approval to update System Security Plan to aid in the Certification and Accreditation process for both DoD and IC-owned systems. The Candidate support performance of monthly scans of the Command’s IT networks to ensure compliance with DoD/NSA IA VA/STIG and USCYBERCOM 5200-08 requirements.

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