Job: Planning Strategic and Operational Job Description

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Title Planning Strategic and Operational Job Description
Categories Freasher, IT Professional
Job Information

The Candidate shall provide technical expertise to assist with the development of strategic and operational plans that contain a variety of viable cyberspace options, including mission analysis, courses of action (COA) development, COA analysis war gaming, COA comparison and approval, Commander’s estimates, and campaign plans, and order development, for the Commander to consider.

Furthermore, The Candidate shall assist with deliberate planning to include the management and implementation of the Adaptive Planning Process from strategic guidance to completion of USCYBERCOM level one through level four contingency plans, synchronization of the Command’s missions into deliberate plans through internal and external collaboration and coordination with all mission partners. The Candidate may be called upon to assist in short-term Crisis Action Planning (CAP).

The Candidate shall provide comprehensive planning support to USCYBERCOM to plan, manage, and integrate the USCYBERCOM and Cyber National Mission Force joint exercise and training programs and after action processes to achieve and sustain USCYBERCOM mission essential task proficiency.

The Candidate shall provide in-depth strategic/operational planning expertise for the development of policy, plans, processes, procedures, and governing directives for the operation,  protection, and defense of the DODIN and provide input to address shortfalls, prioritize and  validate requirements and be prepared to modify development planning efforts based on the changing cyberspace environment.

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